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30 Juil. 2020

So you're thinking of scripting your own Maging AI for Inkybot?
Good for you! Below you will find some basic information on how you can write your very own script.
Inkybot scripts are written in C#.

1. Download Inkybot.Dofus.dll. This library will provide you with everything you'll need to correctly integrate your script.
2. Add the dll as a dependency reference to your C# Project. Enter IntelliSense.
3. Create a new class and extend from Inkybot.Dofus.Contracts.DofusMagingAI
4. Begin writing your Resolve function

One thing to note is you're not meant to compile anything. Inkybot compiles your .cs file at runtime.

There is no documentation yet, so you are expected to know how to navigate through the provided library yourself. If you're familiar with Dofus maging and you know how to program, you shouldn't have many issues. There may be documentation in the future, depending on demand.

Additional libraries that you can make use of:
1. System.Windows.Forms.dll
2. System.Drawing.dll
If you need any other library and you feel like it should be on this list, comment below and I'll consider adding it in a future release.

Check out an existing script to better orient yourself at what's possible:

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