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4 Nov. 2015
# PLUTONIUM Black Ops 2 | Menu ESP & MORE

HELLO everyone !

I'm currently work on the software and i will publish it soon...

[Full Featurelist]


Aim Acceleration (Change your smooth aim acceleration)
Specified Target (You can choice the specified target)
Aim Key (You can change your Aim key)
Auto fire (You can apply a auto fire when your aim is targetting on the body)


Box ESP (Draws 2D Boxes around enemys players)
Player Color (Change desired color for 2D Boxes)
Box Form (Change the Form for 2D Boxes)


Enemys SNAPLINES (Draws SNAPLINES around enemys players)
Player Color (Change desired color for 2D Boxes)
Starting point (Choice your desired placement for Enemys SNAPLINES)


Size (You can change your crossair size)
Thickness (You can change the thickness)
Color (You can change the crossair Color)


Refresh (Optimization)
Keybind (Desired keybind for open the MENU)
Overlay (Active this option for active or disable the overlay informations)

The software use .NET 4.5 in C#.
This software is a external program and the software don't writing anything into the game memory for safe the ban only your gameplay affect your ban acc.


Currently and will staying UNDETECTABLE.

Discord: Ce lien n'est pas visible, veuillez vous connecter pour l'afficher. Je m'inscris!



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